The heartbreaking temptation to prove ourselves

THIS ARTICLE from Russell Moore is a must read. We don’t want to just know we’re “right”… we want to WIN and then shove it in the faces of people who think we’re wrong. Much of what passes for “political action” or even just “cultural engagement” is really about a sense of injury—more specifically aContinue reading “The heartbreaking temptation to prove ourselves”

Apathy and our current spiritual malaise

So, I ran across this book on overcoming apathy and thought it might be a good read, but I just didn’t care enough to buy it. Actually, I came across an article about a book on apathy, suppressed a yawn, and began reading. Before long I was introduced to an old term I had studiedContinue reading “Apathy and our current spiritual malaise”

What we don’t do

I am reading Richard Foster’s book on humility at the same time I am reading my way through Revelation as part of my daily office. Revelation 2-3, along with Foster’s book, remind me of two things we deeply lack in the American Church, which is reflecting too much of our current cultural problems.

Accumulating knowledge or using knowledge?

Renovare Ministries was started by a group led by Richard Foster several decades ago. The focus was to turn the Church back to the joy of spiritual formation and help the Church walk in transformation. This week’s email letter was thought-provoking as I wrote a post about trying to tackle Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. MyContinue reading “Accumulating knowledge or using knowledge?”

Spiritual growth and chaos

A few days ago I reflected on the death of Rich Mullins 25 years ago and shared thoughts from Tish Harrison Warren when she wrote about the impact of Rich Mullins. There was a lot of interaction from that post from friends who remembered how Rich Mullins’ music impacted them as well. One comment wasContinue reading “Spiritual growth and chaos”