The manipulation of living “FOR” God

The book, With, by Skye Jethani is deeply challenging. As I read I realized the deep flaws in my thinking and living because I have this deep urge to “feel bad” and wish I could go back and start over. That arises from my warped view of how to live “for” God. The point isContinue reading “The manipulation of living “FOR” God”

Our ways of manipulating God

I am working my way through Skye Jethani’s book, With. It is a look into ways we manipulate God and the call to live life WITH God rather than in other ways that manipulate God’s response… or at least TRY to manipulate a response. We don’t even know it’s manipulation. Yet, we live life exhaustedContinue reading “Our ways of manipulating God”

Post Number 5,000 — Greatest Discipleship Lessons

As I approached this number, I began to reflect on discipleship lessons learned over the years. I’ve posted about a lot of things, and my most popular post by far was one on the use of cell phones in the bathroom about 12 years ago, my main reason for beginning this blog was to learnContinue reading “Post Number 5,000 — Greatest Discipleship Lessons”