I need the Church

I need the Church. While I struggle with the conservative American church expressions, I still love the Body of Christ and the holy catholic Church, as I profess every week in worship. This podcast is very special and worth your time. It’s James Bryan Smith remembering his friend Rich Mullins 25 years after Mullins’s death.Continue reading “I need the Church”

From George Floyd to white comfort

It’s been a little over three years since the murder of George Floyd. During COVID we came face to face with lynching and racism and couldn’t just pass on by because we were all stuck inside. So, what did we do? We turned phrases we didn’t understand (as White people) like “critical race theory” andContinue reading “From George Floyd to white comfort”

Our love affair with nostalgia

“Nostalgia is rarely antiquarian, a mere interest in history qua history. It is more commonly a sentimental pining for “the way it was.” Such nostalgia is always a form of arrested development. For example, there are sorts of nostalgia that are not-so-subtle longings for adolescence and thus resent adulthood. Many forms of collective nostalgia demonizeContinue reading “Our love affair with nostalgia”