Lord, show me your glory

Then the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the Lord. God had promised to show Moses the “glory” of the Lord (33:18, 22). Now that the time had come, the “glory” is barely noticeable in the brief mention of the cloud. The Lord’s greater glory wasContinue reading “Lord, show me your glory”

Question of the day — A sustained “move of God”

My study in the life of Moses (looking at his prayer life) takes me to Numbers 10. It is Israel just before they are “ready” to move toward the Promised Land. They are truly people of the presence. When the cloud moves, they follow. When the cloud stops, they camp. The feasts are in place.Continue reading “Question of the day — A sustained “move of God””

The necessity of waiting on God

Moses was called up to the mountain. There he was in the powerful presence of God 40 days and nights. Moses spent the forty days in the presence of God and received the blueprint for God’s heart concerning Israel. Israel “waited” at the bottom of the mountain and fell back to their old patterns fromContinue reading “The necessity of waiting on God”