New Year, New Opportunities, New Ways to Surrender

The year of transition begins. The year of a completely blank canvas is now on me. I am not panicked. I am not panicked. I am not panicked. (My therapist said if I repeat that phrase three times everything will be okay.)

Part of my new journey is an old-fashioned read through the Old Testament again. It is to visit some familiar places to gather back to my spirit how the Lord leads.

In Exodus 3 there is the calling of Moses. Moses is hesitating, so God asks him a familiar question to any of us who have encountered God in some way: What’s in your hand?

God is constantly asking what we have available. He doesn’t ask us about what we don’t have. He asks about what is in our hands. He doesn’t care about someone else’s bank account when he asks you to give. He is looking at YOU.

The life of surrender isn’t worrying about what we don’t have to give God. It is a life saying, “Lord, here is what I have. Please use it.”

May 2018 be a life of surrender. Whatever he asks of me, I need to offer it up. It doesn’t matter what HE does with it! Just… surrender.

(And, no, my therapist didn’t say that about repeating a phrase. Nor am I panicked… yet.)

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