Today is my last day as pastor of Heights Church. It’s been a nearly 20 year journey in a place I have loved deeply. 

When I knew the Lord was directing us to step away, I thought of Acts 16 and Paul’s journey to Troas. I talked about this in my message when I announced my resignation. Paul was trying to get into Asia and then Bithynia. With each movement the Spirit blocked him. He eventually ended up in Troas where he received the vision to go to Macedonia.

Paul didn’t get to bring the gospel to Asia and Bithynia. That doesn’t mean God didn’t leave those places untouched by the gospel. It just meant that task was for someone else.

God has great plans for what is ahead for Heights Church. I just won’t be a part of that journey. Where God has me going next is now for me to discover.

The next part of my journey is to find rest in Troas. It is to hear from God. The next weeks and months will be in prayer (along with a small teaching load at the college I’ve taught as an adjunct for 15 years). I am confident I will hear the next steps for us.

There is heartache. I have loved what I’ve been doing for 19 years. I have loved my city and my church. I have pastored a city with a deep love and joy. To walk away from that has heartache.

There is also joy. The joy in the journey is that I know I am hearing God. I love hearing his voice.

The joy is also remembering people. It is remembering events. It is remembering changed lives. It is also thinking about lives that are changing. I’ve had the privilege of meeting people who are all on different parts of their spiritual journeys and somehow the Lord had me connect in some way that was special. Journeying with people as they find their way spiritually is such a joy.

This part of my journey is now over. The next stage is wide open before me. I have nothing but thankfulness for every day I got be pastor of Heights Church.

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