Lord, show me your glory

Then the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the Lord. God had promised to show Moses the “glory” of the Lord (33:18, 22). Now that the time had come, the “glory” is barely noticeable in the brief mention of the cloud. The Lord’s greater glory was found not in this visible manifestation, but rather in the relationships proclaimed in his name. — J.K. Bruchner, Exodus (Understanding the Bible Commentary)

Moses made a request of an experience with God. God went further to what Moses needed. What would NOT sustain Moses and Israel was an experience. That would fade. What WOULD sustain Moses and Israel was the character of God. God gives Moses and Israel more of his name. In unveiling more of his name, which is what is happening in Ex. 34:5-7, he is giving Moses what is needed. Moses needed to know the WAYS of God, not just an experience of God. God gave Moses an experience to verify what was revealed, but Moses could rely on the name of God (the character of God) far longer.

When I cry out, “Show me your glory, Lord!” I think I want an experience. What I need is the revealing of God in his character t know I can keep on walking, to know I can face any giant in the land, to know I have what is needed for the tasks ahead. He IS gracious and compassionate.

Experiences help solidify what he reveals of himself to us, but we need the TRUTH of his character more than a one time experience that fades with time and memory.

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