Dealing with anxiety

This summer has been an increase of pressure in my life. Most certainly know this, and this summer has been one of those time periods for me. Add to that all the craziness in our world and what we have is a toxic mixture of anxiety. 

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The next culture war

You know why it’s easy to get hits on a blog post? Headlines and hashtags. Content rarely matters. But I strive for both because I like “hits,” and the illusion of people actually reading this stuff. So, this post really IS about the “next culture war.” David Brooks has written a very challenging column for […]

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The place of vocation

Vocation, according to David Brooks in The Road to Character, is core to a “good life.” We need a calling. We won’t find satisfaction in using work to serve ourselves alone. We will keep chasing unattainable ambitions and goals. If we give our lives to simply “serving the community” we end up wondering if people […]

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Where Character is Built

Character is not built in the smooth sailing. It is not built in anything that is something from the outside. Character is built in the course of inner confrontation. When we struggle against pride and sin we find the ability and resolve to overcome. That is the place of character. David Brooks in his book […]

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