Teach us to mark our days

A prayer given at the graveside service for my father-in-law:

O God, whose days are without end, and whose mercies cannot be numbered: Make us, we pray, deeply aware of the shortness and uncertainty of human life; and let your Holy Spirit lead us in holiness and righteousness all our days; that, when we shall have served you in our generation, we may be gathered to our ancestors, having the testimony of a good conscience; in the communion of the Catholic Church; in the confidence of certain faith; in the comfort of a reasonable, religious, and holy hope; in favor with you, our God; and in perfect charity wiht the world. All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Passing

If I didn’t call my future father-in-law a redneck the first time I met him, I know I thought it. It was over 30 years ago and I had flown to Alabama to meet Terri’s dad and that side of the family. Almost from the start of our time that week Gerrard would find things to talk about things that pushed my buttons. About halfway through that week I thought I was marrying into what I perceived to be one of the most racist families in the South.

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The straw man argument of “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and Marxism

It’s taking me two days to work my way through the foreword and introduction of Dennis Edwards’ new book Might from the Margins: The Gospel’s Power to Turn the Tables on Injustice. I read a paragraph, put the book down, weep and repent, then try to get through the next paragraph.

There is a paragraph to quote here from his book that answers the shameful tact white Christians are trying to use on the phrase “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

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And then 2016 happened

I just received the book Might From the Margins: The Gospel’s Power to Turn the Tables on Injustice by Dennis Edwards.

This came at the end of an awful week. The end of political conventions, the spewing of more race-baiting tropes, the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and then the death of Chadwick Boseman. Throw in with all of that the debacle of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his “in your face” immorality that was tolerated for years until one photo seemed to tip the scales, and it was just a stupid bad week.

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Don’t be the bully… don’t look for the bully

Four years ago the rhetoric for culturalized Christianity was about “winning.” For culturalized Christians, it was about being “pushed around” and “bullied.” Now, finally, there was someone there to stand up and not let us get bullied anymore.

Same thing this cycle.

Fear wins elections.

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Book Review — Simple Faith Bible, Zondervan

A few months ago I purchased the Tony Evans Study Bible (CSB) because I wanted to gain more insight from a great African American pastor I’ve admired for decades. It was wonderful to have a study Bible with his personal notes, reflecting so many years of pastoral and teaching ministry.

When the offer came to review the Simple Faith Bible (NRSV) with notes from President Jimmy Carter, I was intrigued. Carter has famously taught Sunday School in his Baptist church for over 65 years. This Bible draws on his notes, insights, and principles from those years of teaching.

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