Our American Christian aversion to not being in power

Christendom has protected us from the beginning. We, as American Christians, have never been the “minority” voice. The influence of Christendom (not necessarily Christianity) runs deep because this nation has roots deep in Christendom. That does not mean “this nation was founded as a Christian nation.” Those are not identical comments.

The only constant is change

I think I hate change. I think I hate disruption in my patterns and routines. My fantasy thinking is there should be no change. Yet, change is constant. Our bodies changes on the cellular level constantly. As I age, I grouse about the changes I feel on a bigger level in my body. Still, IContinue reading “The only constant is change”

The extreme edges can be toxic

What I’ve felt for awhile David French articulates so well. Whereas the far left sees America as irredeemably racist, the far right sees America as irredeemably woke. All of the institutions of American life are “captured” by the left—from the academy, to corporate America, to the military, to pop culture. Even our churches and religiousContinue reading “The extreme edges can be toxic”

In gratefulness to God for my ordination

It has been two years since my ordination as a vocational deacon into the Anglican Church. This has been a blessed time in my life and I am thankful for the leading of the Lord into this place of ministry. October 11 was feast day for Philip the deacon and evangelist. I cherish this collectContinue reading “In gratefulness to God for my ordination”