We want to hide pain

“I’m just not opening my news app any more.”

I get it. There is a tendency to dismiss “news” as sensational. The old adage, “If it bleeds, it leads” seems to be on steroids.

Or… is it a disruption to our comfortable narrative and we just, quite simply, don’t want to be disturbed?

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The resistance is US

I’ve heard white people say, “All the media does is hype up police shootings” or “hype up racism.”

What we’re really saying is this: “I’m tired of being confronted in my comfort. I did the ‘race thing’ last summer. I read a book… or two. Why do THEY have to keep hyping this?”

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This picture… a prayer vigil… looks of hopelessness, looks of grief… wailing… mourning…

Another shooting in a city I have loved… during the trial of another police shooting

The cry of my heart… HOW LONG, O LORD?

Police Chief Says Daunte Wright Shooting an 'Accidental Discharge' - The  New York Times
Liam James Doyle for The New York Times

Easter is for fools

Christians, at their best, are the fools who dare believe in God’s power to call dead things to life. That is the testimony of the Black church. It is not that we have good music (we do) or excellent preaching (we do). The testimony of the Black church is that in times of deep crisis we somehow become more than our collective ability. We become a source of hope that did not originate in ourselves. — Esau McCaulley (more HERE)

empty-tomb - Enduring Word

The day the revolution began

I wrote some thoughts on this Good Friday about why I stay in faith. I needed to reflect on all of this in a time when it’s truly a temptation to “walk away.” Why do I stay?

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The revolution has begun.

Christ alone has the words of life. Where else can I go?