A generational upheaval

In the work I get to do, I meet people in organizations working with youth and children a lot. Over and over the deep concern in reaching children, educating children, etc., is the severe loss we have from COVID. There is a serious lag in development in an upcoming generation and we need to takeContinue reading “A generational upheaval”

The river of God

We too often have become people who want to manipulate God and manipulate people. We love our formulas for success. We like our “ankle deep” relationship with God. We’re still fully in control. Read Ezekiel 47:1-12 HERE. The prayer revival at Asbury University has been going for a week. Visitors are coming so there areContinue reading “The river of God”

Christianity is not an “add on” in my life

For what we need more than goods is God; more than a living is life. Even though we build with our own hands a new world, if we find not God, our lives still are voids darkened by the lurking shadows of our own selfishness and echoing to the whimperings of children who won’t admitContinue reading “Christianity is not an “add on” in my life”