The heart of Christ

“Jesus walked the earth rehumanizing the dehumanized and cleansing the unclean. Why? Because his heart refused to let him sleep in. Sadness confronted him in every town. So wherever he went, whenever he was confronted with pain and longing, he speaks the good contagion of his cleansing mercy.” — Dane Ortlund, Gentle and Lowly: TheContinue reading “The heart of Christ”

In an age of despair… don’t

“We live in an age of despair, and those who despair would seem justified, considering the compounding crises we face, whether they be economic, viral, political, or environmental. Yet despair, my father used to remind me, is forbidden; to despair is to deny that God is present, with us, caring for us, and that thereContinue reading “In an age of despair… don’t”

A generational upheaval

In the work I get to do, I meet people in organizations working with youth and children a lot. Over and over the deep concern in reaching children, educating children, etc., is the severe loss we have from COVID. There is a serious lag in development in an upcoming generation and we need to takeContinue reading “A generational upheaval”

Is the point of reading to retain?

A particular article I read recently in Christianity Today isn’t available on the web yet, but it caught my attention. Two pastors were having coffee and one was talking about his reading passion. The other pastor listened, but then said with a lot of frustration he just couldn’t read. He did very little because heContinue reading “Is the point of reading to retain?”

Accumulating knowledge or using knowledge?

Renovare Ministries was started by a group led by Richard Foster several decades ago. The focus was to turn the Church back to the joy of spiritual formation and help the Church walk in transformation. This week’s email letter was thought-provoking as I wrote a post about trying to tackle Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. MyContinue reading “Accumulating knowledge or using knowledge?”