The divine visitor

“Reading Scripture is like hosting a divine visitor. Patristic reflections on Abraham’s welcome of the three visitors by the oak of Mamre remind us that when we interpret the Scriptures, we are in the position of Abraham: we are called to show hospitality to God as he graciously comes to us through the pages of the Bible.” — Hans Boersma, Scripture as Real Presence.

If there was one book…

Given the opportunity to get away to refresh yourself in prayer and you can take your Bible, a notebook, and one more book that would help refresh you in this spiritual exercise for a few days, what book would be going with you?

two hard-bound books
Photo Credit: Pierre Bamin, Unsplash

Spiritual reading

I am challenged to read through the Gospel of Mark with more intentionality. This is an invitation from the Spirit. I am now in Mark 9 and have come to a realization that I am back to my default approach to reading Scripture.

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What is faith?

I will forever bless the day when I was asked to rummage through a friend’s office and take any book I liked in certain sections. That is the day I came on Writings from the Philokalia: On Prayer of the Heart. I’ve noted some thoughts from this treasure on past posts. Today’s thought may be the entire reason the Spirit brought me to that office that day.  Read more

The depths possible in walking with God

I am now moving between two pieces of writing that will not allow me to hurry. In our culture (and especially in a world defining “leaders as readers” and shame on you if you’re not reading a book a week..) this is hard. My reading does indeed move too quickly. These writing won’t let me, and I’m grateful.  Read more