What is faith?

I will forever bless the day when I was asked to rummage through a friend’s office and take any book I liked in certain sections. That is the day I came on Writings from the Philokalia: On Prayer of the Heart. I’ve noted some thoughts from this treasure on past posts. Today’s thought may be the entire reason the Spirit brought me to that office that day. 

St. Simeon the New Theologian lived in the latter part of the 10th Century. Here is a thought on “faith”:

Faith is (readiness) to die for Christ’s sake, for His commandments, in the conviction that such death brings life; it is to regard poverty as riches, insignificance and nothingness as true fame and glory and, having nothing, to be sure that you possess all things. But above all, faith is attainment of the invisible treasure of the knowledge of Christ, regarding everything visible as dust or smoke.

Of all the things the Spirit has been dealing severely with me on in my walk with Christ, this paragraph picks up the deepest themes. This is the walk of faith I deeply need.


One thought on “What is faith?

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    Amen to all this and I sure like your url”apprentice for Christ”, but even more than than God in christ says, “YOU ARE THE FULNESS OF ALMIGHTY GOD,” but it is ONLy in Him. I really felt sorry fot God, for when He created ADAM, He was shut out of this earth, as Adam, had to turn over all his property to the one he obeyed. anyway this was God’s original Plan for all Men, and through this GOD gave us PRAYER. Because He is on the outside looking-in WE must now CALL on Him for help and that is why Jesus said so many times ASK and YOU WILLl RECEIVE. Our Fre Will keeps God away unstil WE ASK. Great Job Apprentice; kepp up the good work.

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