The call of prayer is to listen

Nonetheless, it is possible that, even in prayer itself, we could refuse to let ourselves be confronted by the freedom of the Spirit, who acts as he wills. We must remember that prayerful discernment must be born of a readiness to listen: to the Lord and to others, and to reality itself, which always challengesContinue reading “The call of prayer is to listen”

Journey to Troas — The Joy in the Journey

Reading for Today: Ps. 88, 91, 92 Gen. 47:1-26 1 Cor. 9:16-27 Mark 6:47-56 When we left Heights Church at the end of last year, the Lord gave me the thought of being in Troas. When Paul was on his mission and trying to get to certain areas, the Spirit closed the doors until PaulContinue reading “Journey to Troas — The Joy in the Journey”

The journey to hear his voice

Every once in awhile I blog on making a case for humming more. Or whistling. There’s not enough of it in our world anymore. My grandpa was a carpenter. I would watch him work and while he worked, especially when he was cutting a board, or measuring for the cut, he would whistle. As IContinue reading “The journey to hear his voice”

The Silence of God

I reflected on this passage not too long ago, but the Lord testing me on this keeps it close. I need to HEAR! 11 The days are surely coming, says the Lord God, when I will send hunger and thirst on the land; neither a hunger for bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the Lord ’s words. 12 They willContinue reading “The Silence of God”

Being the prophetic voice

There was a comedian I heard one time that said, “That person ministered in the pathetic.” Not prophetic, but pathetic. Too many times people think they have something to say and it turns out they’re saying nothing. To develop a prophetic voice, we need to develop a listening ear. To be the voice of GodContinue reading “Being the prophetic voice”