Journey to Troas — The Joy in the Journey

Reading for Today:

Ps. 88, 91, 92
Gen. 47:1-26
1 Cor. 9:16-27
Mark 6:47-56

When we left Heights Church at the end of last year, the Lord gave me the thought of being in Troas. When Paul was on his mission and trying to get to certain areas, the Spirit closed the doors until Paul went to Troas. It was there he received the vision to go to Macedonia.

I was heading to Troas. It was time to listen.

This journey has been one of listening. It has been busy as well. I am finishing assignments in teaching while we are putting our house on the market. Yet, in all of it, we are hearing the voice of the Lord and rejoicing at his leading.

There isn’t a big sense of what is next for me in ministry as yet, but each step is exciting as the Spirit leads and pieces begin to take shape.

The reading from 1 Corinthians today has this phrase in the Common English Bible: “So run to win.” (1 Cor. 9:24)

We’ve spent the week in Alabama being with our oldest son and his family, visiting Terri’s dad, and watching the Lord continue to put pieces together as we prepare to move here in a just a few more weeks. Conversations we have with people here continue to clarify this move.

The journey has been filled with joy. We continue to watch the Lord’s provision and while we are away, we stay amazed at his leading and opening doors all along the way.

There is a prize. It isn’t about a new ministry. It isn’t about a new move. It is about Christ. It is about learning to discern his voice. I’ve walked with Jesus most of my life and I am still learning to discern his voice. It is a joyful process. I am learning to “win” as I hear his voice more clearly and learn to see his leading in different ways in these days waiting in Troas.

We don’t need to walk aimlessly in our life in Christ. We can walk with purpose. We can run in such a way as to WIN.

These are the lessons in the journey.

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