Three key verses to identify my life

The more I read through the Bible, the more I want to strip down all the periphery we have made Christianity and come to its essentials. I have loved Paul and his writing more and more over the decades of walking with Christ. There is a vision he truly saw beyond his time that IContinue reading “Three key verses to identify my life”

Change is going to come

One of the fun things in my life right now is working with organizations who are touching the “least of these.” Lately I’ve been meeting with folks who have found passion for change in a particular area of society. They are invested with passion and look for true change to come. They are in itContinue reading “Change is going to come”

Re-evaluating “Living in Babylon”

Over the past week I have been trying to slow down my thoughts and put into motion what I needed to have written 3-4 years ago. It’s been a vision and word that has been urgent, but I’ve been timid. I preached on it and was ignored. That happens all the time anyway, so IContinue reading “Re-evaluating “Living in Babylon””

Living in the FRESH word of God

Do you have particular passages of Scripture where you read them over and over, or come to them regularly on a reading schedule, and you are reminded of when God spoke to you in that passage? There are a few passages that are radically life-changing for me. They are passages where in that holy moment somethingContinue reading “Living in the FRESH word of God”

Journey to Troas — The Joy in the Journey

Reading for Today: Ps. 88, 91, 92 Gen. 47:1-26 1 Cor. 9:16-27 Mark 6:47-56 When we left Heights Church at the end of last year, the Lord gave me the thought of being in Troas. When Paul was on his mission and trying to get to certain areas, the Spirit closed the doors until PaulContinue reading “Journey to Troas — The Joy in the Journey”