Keeping the call of God fresh in my life

On our church blog, I laid out a little more of what God is giving me in prayer for Heights Church. But this thought is something that NEEDS to stay with me: Jesus isn’t nearly concerned with our “numbers” as we think he is. I am usually far more worried about “small.” He took 12Continue reading “Keeping the call of God fresh in my life”

Seven Days to Ethiopia

I am leaving for Ethiopia in a week. A prayer I’ve had for two years is coming to its next step in seven days. It’s only a next step.  The two week trip will be a teaching assignment at Addis Bible College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But this is also a prayer trip. Two yearsContinue reading “Seven Days to Ethiopia”

This is not the day to shrink back

So don’t throw away your confidence—it brings a great reward. 36 You need to endure so that you can receive the promises after you do God’s will. 37 In a little while longer, the one who is coming will come and won’t delay; 38 but my righteous one will live by faith, and my wholeContinue reading “This is not the day to shrink back”