Seven Days to Ethiopia

I am leaving for Ethiopia in a week. A prayer I’ve had for two years is coming to its next step in seven days. It’s only a next step. 

The two week trip will be a teaching assignment at Addis Bible College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But this is also a prayer trip. Two years ago it was the Spirit stirring me to pray for a nation our church could become involved with over the next 20 years. When I get to Ethiopia, my prayer journey continues because I long to see what is next. Is it Ethiopia? Is it another nation in that region? 

All this week the Spirit has been speaking to me about prayer and vision. It is a week where I have repented of small prayers and small dreams. 

Two challenges came to my heart out of this week: 

1. I am ready. Our church is ready. We are taking a huge leap and the Spirit has brought us to this point. We ARE ready!

2. No more safe prayers. Pray what the Spirit puts on your heart. Pray for healing when the Spirit asks… and pray boldly. Pray for vision. Pray for direction. Pray for intervention. Pray for change. PRAY. 

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