The lesson of suffering

When I was in Ethiopia teaching Wisdom Literature, we spent a lot of time in Job. I asked the class one day, “What have you learned from Job, or learned from suffering?” One student answered: “Suffering is an opportunity to upgrade my faith.” I learn far more teaching in Ethiopia than I can give out.Continue reading “The lesson of suffering”

Apprehended by Christ

I’ve been home a week and have hit the ground running. It’s left me little time to reflect on the Ethiopia trip, as I had to dive right back into teaching here, getting up to speed on our church property and how the marketing of the property is progressing, etc. Preparing for Sunday, I’ve slowedContinue reading “Apprehended by Christ”

The opportunities we have as we pray

It was a little over two years ago the Lord challenged me with “owning” a country. He called on me to have our church really get involved in one nation. A year ago that narrowed to Africa. Over the past few months Ethiopia became the opportunity. As I’ve been here two weeks the Spirit isContinue reading “The opportunities we have as we pray”

Random thoughts from Ethiopia, Part 2

One of the regular things that happen in Ethiopia is the power goes out. While I’ve been here it’s not been for any real length of time, thankfully. But tonight the power went out during dinner. I’m thankful for “roughing it” with long time missionaries who keep their laptops charged so I can fire offContinue reading “Random thoughts from Ethiopia, Part 2”

A joyous Sunday in an Ethiopian church

It’s hard to believe that I am more than halfway through my stay in this amazing city. Today was the joy of preaching a new church in the south area of Addis. They meet in a tent and it is a hopping church! The church in Ethiopia (non-Orthodox) is not very old because communism leftContinue reading “A joyous Sunday in an Ethiopian church”

Quick thoughts from Ethiopia

I have been teaching for four days and my first week is almost finished. It is an incredible joy, and the time is flying by! Addis Ababa, the capital, is where the Bible college is located. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect climate. It’s just finishing rainy season, but that means there is rainContinue reading “Quick thoughts from Ethiopia”

Seven Days to Ethiopia

I am leaving for Ethiopia in a week. A prayer I’ve had for two years is coming to its next step in seven days. It’s only a next step.  The two week trip will be a teaching assignment at Addis Bible College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But this is also a prayer trip. Two yearsContinue reading “Seven Days to Ethiopia”