Final thoughts from Ethiopia

Scattered thoughts as I get into my last day in Ethiopia and then catch a plane for home:

— I could eat Ethiopian food every day.

— I love teaching in this culture. There is an eagerness to learn and an attention to the value of education I don’t always get to see in my normal context. 

— This trip I was so blessed to be with three other pastors from the States. Pastor Getachew is Ethiopian, but pastors a church in Dallas. Pastor Todd Weston and I both pastored in Kansas. He is now in Florida. Pastor Ed Tedeschi is from my own state, Minnesota. He is our Assistant District Superintendent and pastored a great church in St. Paul. All of these men are great teachers and preachers. Rooming with Getachew and Todd, I saw men who loved what they were doing for these students.

— I could eat Ethiopian food every day.

— I hope my suitcase doesn’t go over limit because of all the coffee I’m bringing back.

— The BBC is their main news source on TV here. It actually has… you know… NEWS.

— My mentors in ministry, Doug and Corrine Lowenberg, are always gracious, full of life, and challenging to me. Doug is always in learning mode and teaching mode. I wish I had a week just to push “RECORD” on a device and let him talk.

— I picked up a new son. A student I taught two years ago is now working at the college. We had lunch the other day and he let me know he considers me his spiritual father. I am so humbled and blessed. He is a great young man I loved seeing again.

— I really do love Ethiopian food.

— I can’t wait to get back. I miss my beautiful wife.

— I miss my church. I can’t wait to get back and keep working for what God has in store. I am so excited for our “Living in Babylon” series. Ethiopia gives me new perspective on what is ahead for the American church. There is a preparation we are trying to lead our church through, and the Ethiopian church is walking in a way we don’t yet understand. They deal with NOT being the “majority” voice every day. And they do it with deep faith and conviction. We have so much to learn!

Our OT Wisdom Literature Class in Ethiopia

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