Apprehended by Christ

I’ve been home a week and have hit the ground running. It’s left me little time to reflect on the Ethiopia trip, as I had to dive right back into teaching here, getting up to speed on our church property and how the marketing of the property is progressing, etc. Preparing for Sunday, I’ve slowedContinue reading “Apprehended by Christ”

Seven Days to Ethiopia

I am leaving for Ethiopia in a week. A prayer I’ve had for two years is coming to its next step in seven days. It’s only a next step.  The two week trip will be a teaching assignment at Addis Bible College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But this is also a prayer trip. Two yearsContinue reading “Seven Days to Ethiopia”

Three Martyrdoms — White

Dick Brodgen in The Live Dead Journal talks about three martyrdoms: red, green, and white. In the Green Martyrdom the Irish would build communities and invite people in. They would invite people to belong before the invitation to believe. Even though the Green Martyrdom is hard because it is giving up one’s will for another person,Continue reading “Three Martyrdoms — White”