Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples. — Ps. 96:3, NIV

There is an opportunity like nothing I’ve seen before where the greatness of God can be declared among people who are suffering and the Church can respond in a major way.

In the Twin Cities, we have a high Somali population. As new generations of Somalis are growing up here, they are seeing a need to not only become effective citizens here, but also to give back to a country they may not have been to themselves, but their families are still there and there is suffering going on right now.

There is a famine sweeping the Horn of Africa again and Muslims and Christians in the Twin Cities are working to raise awareness before it gets to such a drastic stage it starts showing up on national news. By the time famine shows up on national news, it’s too late.

A friend of mine who works with Somalis has dreamed a great dream with this community. They are working to partner together, churches and mosques… Christians and Muslims… to help bring food to Somalia in this time of need.

We have an incredible organization called Feed My Starving Children in the Cities and they are partnering with these groups to put together the largest food packing project in their history. (And this is an organization that has done some huge things over the years.)

The goal: 6 million meals packed in three days.

This is an amazing opportunity to work in a practical way to declare the greatness of God among the nations.

One of the major sponsoring organizations is called ARAHA. They are headquartered in our town where Heights Church is located. Our church would love to see the city of Columbia Heights be a major donor since ARAHA is in our community.

CLICK HERE for the website about the food packing event.

We’ve set up a link as well for connecting Columbia Heights to the packing days through major donations and volunteer time. Contact me through this website to get that link if you are in Columbia Heights.



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