Fear and trembling

This Sunday we have a Sacred Assembly in our church. We are preparing for Lent, but as never before. We are preparing for a period of fasting and prayer as we want to hear God regarding our church property. We are in a major time of transition and really need to hear him regarding a current offer, and then see what is ahead for us. Our ministry will shift radically in the process.

We are moving to a model of being IN the community constantly through a coffee shop business, which we think is vital in our city. It will be a great place to connect with people and serve the community. It will also stretch us as believers to meet people in ways that aren’t “church.”

This Sunday is a time to worship and reflect.

I cannot lie. I am at a point of extreme faith where I just simply have not been. While that has a level of excitement like I’ve never known… it has a level of fear like I’ve never known.


As we focus this Sunday on hearing God, there are two passages from Isaiah the Spirit has us centered on and then there is the Gospel reading, which is focused on the Transfiguration. What a glorious series of Scripture to be reading and dwelling on!

We are to look ahead, not behind. We are to have our ears open because God WILL speak to us.

And when it is all said and done… we can have Jesus full in our view. Just him. HE is what this is all about.

Here are the Scriptures:

Isa. 42:8,9
Isa. 43:18,9
Mark 9:2-13

So… full of faith… and fear… I walk on.

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