I need the Church

I need the Church. While I struggle with the conservative American church expressions, I still love the Body of Christ and the holy catholic Church, as I profess every week in worship. This podcast is very special and worth your time. It’s James Bryan Smith remembering his friend Rich Mullins 25 years after Mullins’s death.Continue reading “I need the Church”

Beth Moore and Anglicanism

Beth Moore gives a testimony of her first visit to an Anglican Church after she very publicly left the SBC, her home her entire Christian life. It is a beautiful witness. One that I resonated with in so many ways. She gives this description at the end of her first worship service at an AnglicanContinue reading “Beth Moore and Anglicanism”

Our American Christian aversion to not being in power

Christendom has protected us from the beginning. We, as American Christians, have never been the “minority” voice. The influence of Christendom (not necessarily Christianity) runs deep because this nation has roots deep in Christendom. That does not mean “this nation was founded as a Christian nation.” Those are not identical comments.

In gratefulness to God for my ordination

It has been two years since my ordination as a vocational deacon into the Anglican Church. This has been a blessed time in my life and I am thankful for the leading of the Lord into this place of ministry. October 11 was feast day for Philip the deacon and evangelist. I cherish this collectContinue reading “In gratefulness to God for my ordination”

The heartbreak we refuse to acknowledge

It’s easy to point out the big failures in the American church. Another one happened over this past weekend. We will wrestle with another celebrity pastor and how their church failed to handle the situation. Tish Harrison Warren reminds us that for all the press coverage of a failed leadership problem there are so manyContinue reading “The heartbreak we refuse to acknowledge”

Extreme views and the fall of democracy

Christian nationalism is a hot topic. Extreme ideologies to both sides are a worry to me. Each extreme works to tell people what IS right, which is THEIR way. But Christian nationalism is of concern because it rips out the bedrock bellied to love our neighbor. This edition of the Holy Post podcast truly deservesContinue reading “Extreme views and the fall of democracy”