Living in the FRESH word of God

Do you have particular passages of Scripture where you read them over and over, or come to them regularly on a reading schedule, and you are reminded of when God spoke to you in that passage?

There are a few passages that are radically life-changing for me. They are passages where in that holy moment something radically changed in direction for me. 

One particular passage for me is Acts 10. It is the story of Peter and Cornelius. Every time I come to that passage I am reminded of the radical change that came into my own life and ministry several years ago. I came to that passage again today and I was ignited.

It wasn’t the memory of what God did in my own life several years ago. It was a challenge to live in this pattern … daily. I am too satisfied to look at this passage and remember the radical change that occurred in ministry several years ago.

Let the reading of the Word be a fresh reading. Every day. Every day is the opportunity for the Spirit to take those words on the page (or screen) and cause them to leap into your heart and revelation can happen.

Acts 10 wasn’t for one event in my life several years ago. Acts 10 is to be my prayer pattern and expectation. Maybe not daily, but certainly more than once every 10-15 years!

Lord, my life is transformed by the Spirit as I engage your Word. I confess I let past experience be a place where I camp rather than a challenge for todayTeach me in a fresh way to be a man of your presence. Let my assignment of prayer be meaningful in my life TODAY. 

flame of fire
Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash

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