The goal is not “using” God

The worldviews we have employed, especially as western Christians, have limited us. Our views of God have become myopic. The goal needs to be life WITH God.

Skye Jethani in his book, With, lays out the four worldviews we’ve used are summed up in four words:

Life UNDER God
Life OVER God
Life FROM God
Life FOR God

What those four views encapsulate is how we desire to USE God to achieve some other goal. Life FROM God uses him to supply our material desires. Life OVER God uses him as the source of principles or laws. Life UNDER God tries to manipulate God through obedience to secure his blessings and avoid calamity. Life FOR God uses him and his mission to gain a sense of direction and purpose.

Life WITH God is different. It is not about using God. The goal IS God. He is no longer a commodity we use or a device we employ. God himself becomes the focus of our desires.

What we are lacking is a clear vision of God. That lack is what drives us to the other four views. We end up settling for something less. A clear vision leads us away from using God to acquire our treasure and brings us to the vision of GOD HIMSELF. He is our treasure.

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