God doesn’t mind small beginnings

In Acts 19, Paul finds a handful of people following Jesus and much as they know how to follow at that point in time. He then completes the story for them, baptizes them, and then they are filled with the Spirit. Verse 7 is notable: There were about twelve men in all

Ephesus then becomes significant in the New Testament. Paul stayed here longer than just about anywhere else. The gospel has an economic impact on the region and causes a riot. This is the place where Timothy will be a pastor, John will be a pastor, and then this will become a regional theological influence for centuries.

God is not afraid of small beginnings. What he can take with a handful of people and mold by the power of his Spirit can last centuries.

What you may consider “small” is still significant in the hands of the Spirit. The “small” thing you may do in obedience today will ripple through generations to come. Obedience is key.


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