Re-evaluating “Living in Babylon”

Over the past week I have been trying to slow down my thoughts and put into motion what I needed to have written 3-4 years ago. It’s been a vision and word that has been urgent, but I’ve been timid. I preached on it and was ignored. That happens all the time anyway, so I went on. Yet, my own spirit knew this was not something to just set aside. It was something that needed prayer and writing and warning.

So this last week I spent some solid time writing in a free flowing manner with pen and legal pad. I could remember some things I had jotted down in other places, but the exercise has been to simply start writing, follow my thoughts and lines of reasoning and keep writing without organizing just yet.

In 2016 I preached a series called “Living in Babylon” because the Lord was trying to prepare the American Church for the shift that was simply going to happen. Since then, I’ve realized so much more about that time and there have been things that needed to unfold even more. Basically, though, it was to start pointing out that a huge cultural shift was moving the American Church into a “Babylon” time period, where we were no longer the majority voice. Rather than whine and complain about it, we were to prepare and enter into this time, learning to be Daniel in Babylon.

As I am revisiting all of that and writing down what I have heard from the Lord since, I just had another trail of thought come at me.

Daniel was in Babylon and read the words of Jeremiah and came to the realization that the 70 years were ending and he went to prayer to ask God for direction. Jeremiah spoke the plan into existence and it was ignored. But it needed to be spoken so that 70 years later, the Spirit could utilize it to get Daniel into action.

As I am developing that thought, I realized I had some things out of order. We are definitely headed into a “Babylonian” time for the American Church. But what if I’m not part of the “Daniel Generation?” What if I’m in a Jeremiah generation? We are to write, speak, pray all these things the Lord is speaking to the American Church… for those ahead. We will be ignored now, but if we will be faithful to speak out what God is giving us, the Daniels of the future will be ready for the Spirit to pick up that word so the revitalized American Church can find its way again.

We, as the Jeremiah generation, are left to mourn what has changed, but in that mourning simply prepare others for what is ahead. We need a good funeral for what we had as the American Church. No one wants to do it. We’re still in fight mode.

The Jeremiah generation is to mourn and then prepare others. We need that radical awareness.

What if this is a time for Jeremiah… and we’re simply getting things ready for Daniel?

4 thoughts on “Re-evaluating “Living in Babylon”

  1. This is really interesting. I’ve been studying in Daniel for the past year or so and we are most certainly living in a kind of Babylon… it’s an interesting perspective thinking about where we are in all that… there’s a really good book called the Daniel Dilemma by Chris Hodges that addresses our role in all this. Thoughtful post, thank you!

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