The joy of studying Scriptures

I was able to have a conversation with one of my mentors in ministry this week because I learned from him the joy of studying Scriptures. Dr. Don Meyer’s class on Bible Study Methods was a seminal moment for me in my life and my lifelong love for Scriptures. You can listen to the podcastContinue reading “The joy of studying Scriptures”

Continually cultivating a love for the Word

In our MULTIPLY groups this week we have looked at “Why study the Scriptures?” In our discussion last night, I shared how learning a variety of approaches to studying the Bible keeps things fresh. As I was talking about some of the methods, I realized there are two “fail safes” in my practice I tryContinue reading “Continually cultivating a love for the Word”

Learning to chew on the Word

It’s that evil word so many evangelical/fundamentalists don’t like: meditation.  Simon Chan in his book, Spiritual Theology, reflects deeply on the need for scripture meditation. We are given too quickly to analysis in our Western mindset. We see a text and think one of two things: “I need to do a word study and historical background and culturalContinue reading “Learning to chew on the Word”