Continually cultivating a love for the Word

In our MULTIPLY groups this week we have looked at “Why study the Scriptures?” In our discussion last night, I shared how learning a variety of approaches to studying the Bible keeps things fresh.

As I was talking about some of the methods, I realized there are two “fail safes” in my practice I try to keep active. When I am studying and using different methods, there are times when things may “dry up.” The longer I have walked with the Lord, the quicker I can recognize in my spirit when passion for the Word is drying up a bit.

If I am in a particular mode of study and things seem to grind to a halt, there are two places I go to keep the discipline going and use those methods to pray the Scripture.

One is an old practice of the Church. It’s the Daily Office. I don’t know a lot about it (being Pentecostal) but I do know the routine is life-giving to me. Plus… there is a site for that where I can follow morning and evening readings and prayers. It is so helpful to keep me on track.

The other place I go is what I call “ancient wells.” These are familiar Scriptures to me and I will pray my way through the list. By the time I reach the end, my spirit is refreshed and I am ready for the next action in my study.

My “ancient wells”:

Romans 12:1-21

I Cor. 13
2 Cor. 3:12-7:1
Gal. 5:22-6:10
Eph. 4:20-6:20
Phil. 2:3-16
Phil. 4:4-9
Col. 3:1-4:6
I Pet. 2:1-3:16
2 Pet. 1:2-10
I Jn. 4:7-21
Micah 6:8
Deut. 10:12-21
Matt. 5-7
Rom. 8
Psalm 23
These are familiar portions to me. You can add and subtract your favorites.

Find ways to keep the Word active in your life! 

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