Breathing the Word of God

We need more than “Bible knowledge.” The Bible is more than information. It’s more than your personal answer book. The written word leads us to the Living Word, and we too often treat it like a manual for life. 

“I need to know which house to buy. What does the Word say?”

“I need to know which girl to marry. What does the Word say?”

“I have to prove something to this atheist. What does the Word say?”

We’re constantly going to the written word when we need an answer.

Our trouble is not in “answers.” We need to breathe the Word of God.

Rod Dreher’s book, The Benedict Option, certainly would advocate for good knowledge of the Scripture, but he also lifts up the need to meditate on the words of Scripture as well.

The Rule of Benedict set daily times for monks to engage in lectio divina. It is a more prayerful way of engaging Scripture. It helps us breathe the written word.

You can look into some basic ways to practice it HERE.


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