Dealing with issues of poverty and broken systems

A couple of weeks ago the president raised the issue of immigration and where immigrants should come from in a meeting with Congressional leaders. What was just plain silly was the talk about his use of a particular word. It missed an entire conversation that needed to happen… but what am I thinking? We’re Americans! We’re good at avoiding tough conversations.  Read more

Defining Christian Culture

Rod Dreher’s case for the “Benedict Option” hinges on going back to a Benedictine spirituality because the Benedictine culture created a Christian culture. That term seemed to hit me wrong, so I’m glad Dreher unpacked it a bit. Read more

The failure of conventional politics

“No matter how furious and all-consuming partisan political battles are, Christians have to keep clearly before us the fact that conventional American politics cannot fix what is wrong with our society and culture. They are inadequate because in both their left-wing and right-wing forms, they operate from the position that facilitating and expanding human choice is the proper end of our politics. The left and the right just disagree over where to draw the lines.” — Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option

A new kind of politics

The biggest struggle conservative Christians in America seem to have (and divides us between generations with incredible precision) is politics. My generation and older was tied almost completely to Republican ideology. For those 50 and over, this is the struggle.  Read more

Can Western Civilization Be Saved?

“In the Benedict Option, we are not trying to repeal seven hundred years of history, as if that were possible. Nor are we trying to save the West. We are only trying to build a Christian way of life that stands as an island of sanctity and stability amid the high tide of liquid modernity. We are not looking to create heaven on earth; we are simply looking for a way to be strong in faith through a time of great testing.” — Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option