Dealing with issues of poverty and broken systems

A couple of weeks ago the president raised the issue of immigration and where immigrants should come from in a meeting with Congressional leaders. What was just plain silly was the talk about his use of a particular word. It missed an entire conversation that needed to happen… but what am I thinking? We’re Americans! We’re good at avoiding tough conversations. 

We also don’t have much time to dive into these issues… mainly because we don’t want to take the time.

In case you want to “dive in” a bit, HERE is the Dreher article. (Note: Rod Dreher also wrote The Benedict Option. I reviewed that book, but now question my purchasing wisdom after reading this column.)

In response, an up and coming African American theologian, Jemar Tisby, responded directly to Dreher HERE. I love listening to Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns on their podcast called Pass the Mic. With Tisby and Burns, I listen because I disagree at times. I want to keep growing and that takes not being afraid of other views.

If you don’t want to read, HERE is a podcast discussing the Dreher article AND the issue of poverty and systems. It’s a great listen.

The invitation is to keep stretching and, most of all, listen.

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