Pressing prayers… but more

Esau McCaulley has some powerful words we should heed: I believe in the power of prayer. But the Christian response can’t be limited to it. That assumes that all activity on behalf of the innocent lies in the hands of the almighty when the Christian Scriptures themselves suggest that God will judge us according toContinue reading “Pressing prayers… but more”

We are human… don’t become less

Some good thoughts in an age where “AI” writes papers, articles, journal articles, tells you the milk is low in the fridge and you’re not moving enough: If, say, you’re a college student preparing for life in an A.I. world, you need to ask yourself: Which classes will give me the skills that machines willContinue reading “We are human… don’t become less”

Addictions and brokenness

The numbers are overwhelming as I read them: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is unable to track overdose deaths in real-time. Its published data is one year behind, obscuring the picture of what is happening on the ground in 2022. The agency continues to count the death toll for 2021 — in aContinue reading “Addictions and brokenness”