A new kind of politics

The biggest struggle conservative Christians in America seem to have (and divides us between generations with incredible precision) is politics. My generation and older was tied almost completely to Republican ideology. For those 50 and over, this is the struggle. 

We are watching a political earthquake shaking our foundations in this country, and for conservative Christians of a certain age, this is troubling. What to do?

“The Benedict Option calls for a radical new way of doing politics, a hands-on localism based on pioneering work by Eastern bloc dissidents who defied Communism during the Cold War. A Westernized form of ‘antipoltical politics’, to use the term coined by Czech political prisoner Vaclav Havel, is the best way forward for Orthodox Christians seeking practical and effective engagement in public life without losing our integrity, and indeed our humanity.” — Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option 


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