Our American Christian aversion to not being in power

Christendom has protected us from the beginning. We, as American Christians, have never been the “minority” voice. The influence of Christendom (not necessarily Christianity) runs deep because this nation has roots deep in Christendom. That does not mean “this nation was founded as a Christian nation.” Those are not identical comments.

The American church needs the global church

The church in North America is starting to erode. Thankfully, however, the center of the church is not in North America. The vast majority of Christians on Earth live elsewhere, and their numbers are growing rapidly. The vibrancy of majority-world Christianity presents us with an opportunity — one that was always available to us, butContinue reading “The American church needs the global church”

Good bye “normal” church…

And, quite frankly, good riddance. I can hope, anyway. This post on the future of evangelicals is a good read. It’s refreshing. We are stumbling into new realities. These are things the greater evangelical church should have paid attention to decades ago, but the majority are only now being dragged kicking and screaming into theContinue reading “Good bye “normal” church…”