Losing political clout may save the American Church

Rod Dreher isn’t enamored with the election of Donald Trump. While it’s a possible side benefit that Trump may actually appoint conservative judges and justices, Dreher isn’t going to be sidetracked from the idea of the turn that has already happened in American culture. 

The failure of conventional politics

“No matter how furious and all-consuming partisan political battles are, Christians have to keep clearly before us the fact that conventional American politics cannot fix what is wrong with our society and culture. They are inadequate because in both their left-wing and right-wing forms, they operate from the position that facilitating and expanding human choiceContinue reading “The failure of conventional politics”

Money, Sex, and Power

The New York Times has no lost love for the Catholic Church. They use every opportunity to raise the ugly issues of the Church. The new findings in sex scandals give them plenty of fodder. I will in no way excuse the incredibly vile behavior of these priests. This column does bring out some interestingContinue reading “Money, Sex, and Power”