Racism isn’t “behind us”

We just celebrated MLK Day and I am reminded once again, here is “Sweet Home Alabama” that when people down here wish people would “get over” things, like the notion of “racism”… that’s not easily done by those very same folks.

While we commemorated Dr. King on Monday, it was also officially “Robert E Lee” Day. For the past FOUR YEARS (and ONLY four years) some in the legislature have tried and failed to get the day to commemorate ONLY Dr. King… and now the effort is down to separating the holidays and moving the commemoration of Robert E Lee to October.

Sure… “get over it.”

It’s not the only thing this state doesn’t “get over.” This article lists lots of things still demonstrating the struggle with equality and racism.

Racism isn’t behind us. It is front and center… and enshrined in the state constitution.

Sweet Home Alabama.

Alabama's history leading up to statehood | CBS 42

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