1955 and 2020

Over time when visiting Montgomery, Alabama we’ve been able to visit different significant spots regarding Civil Rights history.

One we regularly visit is not the place itself, but where the business is located. We always frequent Prevail Coffee when in Montgomery because their coffee is great, but it’s also built on the site of the old Kress Department Store, where Rosa Parks worked. Just down the block is a statue of Parks representing the place where she got on the bus that day in 1955 and refused to move back a few blocks later when the driver ordered her to do so.

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Our civil rights moment

One quote I saw going around on social media went something like this: “If you wondered if you would stand up for civil rights in the 1960s, what you’re doing right now is what you would be doing back then.”

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The straw man argument of “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and Marxism

It’s taking me two days to work my way through the foreword and introduction of Dennis Edwards’ new book Might from the Margins: The Gospel’s Power to Turn the Tables on Injustice. I read a paragraph, put the book down, weep and repent, then try to get through the next paragraph.

There is a paragraph to quote here from his book that answers the shameful tact white Christians are trying to use on the phrase “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

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Rooting out our deep sin

The deep sin of racism is far more embedded in white American Christianity than we are willing to admit. We struggle in our collective sin mainly because evangelical Christianity (and fundamentalism on the right) focuses on the “individual” sin to the detriment of recognizing community sin.


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