Policing and Racism

I sat on a call with two local pastors and a retired police lieutenant to discuss policing in our area and then approaches to policing in general.

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Sabbath for nature in the time of coronavirus

We were able to visit the beach in Alabama last night. The governor relaxed orders on the beach, asking everyone to still be responsible in social distancing. Our family walked the shore of the Gulf at sunset.

The birds were feeding like crazy. We saw a lot of dolphins, baby sharks (just so THAT song gets stuck in your head like it has mine), sting rays, and more. Sea life is much closer to shore because the shore has been given a break. Nature has taken a sabbatical. It felt fresh.

In all our human grumbling and chafing and political posturing, have we rested?

I know I have twisted and squirmed and wrestled in this time. Yet, that walk at the shore calmed me. Nature had taken advantage of the sabbath rest. Have I?

Gulf Shore, Alabama

The complacency of the white church

The week leading up to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday is becoming increasingly important to me. (NOTE: Moving to Alabama has it’s jarring effects on just how deep the issue of racism still runs in our nation. Monday will be “Robert E. Lee Day” in Alabama and Mississippi.)

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True justice is not into shaming “the other side”

Today’s cultural environment has a call for “justice.” The danger is that in some segments, that call is also coupled with a “calling out” meant to shame a particular person and drive them from our visual existence. David Brooks has an excellent column HERE to dive into that segment.

Justice has to move past vengeance and anger. It has to move to deeper change.

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Day One

When we began this journey away from Heights Church and ministry in the Twin Cities, I thought about Paul’s journey to Troas in Acts 16. Initially, I thought the journey to Troas would include the move to Alabama. A few weeks ago the Lord let me know the journey to Troas was the four months of preparation for this move. The move to Alabama is the next step.  Read more