It’s probably been 20 years or more since I voted in a place where my vote had any significance at all. I’ve lived in very blue areas and very red areas. It doesn’t matter which “side” I might “be one” (which is not even a question in my life any more), I was in a place that even if I voted in that direction, the percentage was so overwhelming in “my” direction one more vote was just piling on!

I’m in the deepest of red states now in one of the deepest of red counties but today I will get the chance to step the state in a direction it has balked at for over a century: removing the racist language and Jim Crow verbiage in the state constitution. This state has the longest constitution by far in the US. It baked in Jim Crow statutes when written in 1901. The language has been there the entire time. (Story is HERE)

Check your calendars… it IS 2022, right?

So, today I’m thankful that one vote will be counted and will hopefully be added to so many other votes that this state may finally enter into 1964 successfully.

There are small areas of thankfulness in my life today.

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