How it started… how it’s going

There are memes on social media that hilariously depict how something started and how it’s going. There is not much pretty about how 2020 started and how it’s going. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

How it started…

We were placed in a holding pattern and it exposed a lot of junk in our world that needed a ton of work. Our impatience. Our pride. Our racism. Our prejudices. Our ignorance.

We had the opportunity to face those ugly places in our collective lives.

How it’s going…

Well, while we paid attention to racism for a hot minute… we’ve retreated our racist tropes and doubled down.

We had a chance to face our misogyny as a culture… and conservative churches are doubling down on their masculine steroidal theology.

We had a chance to deal with our sin of Christian nationalism… and we’re instead driving out those who don’t agree 100 percent with it.

HOWEVER… it’s not hopeless. The exposure was needed. The ugliness needed to be completely unveiled. That is part of the process. We’re in the midst of a process and as with any surgery, the middle part where all the inward parts are exposed just isn’t pretty to look at.

We have to keep moving. Let us keep moving forward.

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