Eugene Peterson and “evangelical”

In another time I would have sat and read Peterson’s biography front to back with enthusiasm… and then be finished. At this point in life, I am somehow given to more reflection and this book gives me opportunity for evaluation and examination.

Peterson on evangelicals (where I find my own struggles):

“I am not a truly card-carrying evangelical… Evangelicalism is too combative and clear-cut for me.”


“Evangelical pastors take themselves seriously, but they don’t by and large take theology seriously, they don’t take the Bible seriously, they don’t take congregations seriously: theology is a means to an end, the Bible is a tool for teaching/preaching, congregation is a raw material for programs and causes. But all of that destroys growth in the Spirit, growing up in Christ. We keep trying to do the work of the Trinity ourselves.” (p. 238)

A Burning In My Bones - By Winn Collier (hardcover) : Target

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