There aren’t really “moments” of transition. They often appear that way, but the truth is transition is always a part of life. We are always “on the way.” We are on the way from birth to childhood. Those around the newborn meeting their every need. Teaching them along the way. Preparing them for those firstContinue reading “Transitions”

Consistent Life Ethic

If there is something I’ve tried to work on over the years, it would be a philosophy of a “whole life ethic.” It turns out there is a framework for that called “Consistent Life Ethic.” It is truly my life goal to say, “No one is more ‘pro-life’ than me outside of the pope.”

Panic Attacks

There are those days when the cares of life seem to overwhelm. “Seem?” Who am I kidding? There are those days when the cares of life overwhelm us. The pressures come crashing in on us and while we know Scripture and can go to reliable places for meditation, it does not necessarily stop the attack.Continue reading “Panic Attacks”