It’s a bad pun and I fell into it before I realized it. Looking ahead to next year I have realized that the Lord has brought me a gift in this time period. The past two years and the year ahead are pivotal.

It is a moving away from the hectic scramble and stress our current culture has fallen into and a move into the purpose of what the end goal is all about. In the next 20 years, what will be the work the Lord has for me? How am I to finish well?

Of course, the word that comes to me is: “Focus”. Then, the realization that next year is 2020, and, well, you see where the pun lands.

Yet, is that not a great theme?

In the chaos of our times why not make 2020 a year of focus? Is not time to regain clarity as the people of God? In the mess that has been created by the sloppiness of American Christianity in the past few decades, wouldn’t it be great if, in 2020, we regained our focus on the King and his Kingdom?

Wouldn’t it be great to free ourselves of the false narratives of social media and truly SEE the Kingdom of God?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to free ourselves of the need of self-promotion and just DO Kingdom work again? Where no one is really looking… and we don’t care???

2020 Focus is simply a cheesy way to put what we need… yet… it works.

In these years I have been gifted there has been a clarity. I still make my way through a self-imposed fog. But the Lord is clearing that out and I am longing to see his Kingdom and his work in my life. Him alone. For his glory alone.

May 2020 truly bring “focus.” At least in my life.

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