There are those days when the cares of life seem to overwhelm. “Seem?” Who am I kidding?

There are those days when the cares of life overwhelm us. The pressures come crashing in on us and while we know Scripture and can go to reliable places for meditation, it does not necessarily stop the attack. The attacks press in because the enemy is always looking for opportunity to press in on the weak spots.

These are opportunities for crying out (sometimes literally) to God. To confess our weakness. To beg for his strength. To be honest about being overwhelmed.

Don’t lie about the feelings. They are overwhelming and you feel the pressure.

Have mercy on me, O God, for men are attacking me!
All day long hostile enemies are tormenting me.
Those who anticipate my defeat attack me all day long.
Indeed, many are fighting against me, O Exalted One. (Ps. 56:1-2, NET Bible)

But even though you may think, “I’ve called out to God before. This is ridiculous! It’s like I’m not trusting him!” just remember: call out to him again.

When I am afraid,
I trust in you.
In God—I boast in his promise—
in God I trust, I am not afraid.
What can mere men do to me? (Ps. 56:3-4, NET Bible)

The cares of this world, the anxiety of life, has NOTHING on the provision of our Father. What can mere mortals do to us?


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