There aren’t really “moments” of transition. They often appear that way, but the truth is transition is always a part of life. We are always “on the way.”

We are on the way from birth to childhood. Those around the newborn meeting their every need. Teaching them along the way. Preparing them for those first steps, those first words, those first falls. The transition seems to happen in a moment, but it has progressed over time. Subtle. Unnoticed.

We are always “on the way.”

Life transitions may seem sudden. I look back on major shifts in my life and see “moments.” Time then allows me another look back and I see a long unfolding.

The need is to understand those transitions. They are coming. From childhood to adolescence. Then to adulthood.

We are always “on the way.”

From elementary learning to more advanced understanding. From knowledge to wisdom. We are challenged, shaped, and always in transition.

From one place where roots were made, deep friendships formed, childhood memories embedded to another place far away. New friends. New traditions. New activity. New work.

We are always “on the way.”

The heroes who are able to do anything (at least in our minds) become the vulnerable. The ones able to leap tall buildings in a singe bound are now unable to move from one place to another without the strong arms of someone else.

We must learn to understand the transitions more. They are coming. We don’t want to talk about aging or death. But the transition is coming. Look to it. Watch it unfold. Embrace the opportunities and the possibilities and the challenges.


We are always “on the way.”

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