White Evangelicalism

I know the name Lecrae, but I’ve not listened to his music. Recently he has boldly spoken out about American evangelicalism and the lack of place for people of color. 

There is a discussion about it HERE. (If you don’t subscribe to Quick to Listen, I highly recommend it. Every week they hit a good discussion on current topics.)

There is a further explanation of white evangelicalism HERE.

There is a hard-hitting message by a Southern white preacher on the ignorance of white Christians in America HERE. (This video has “commercials” but stick with the message.)

I am white and “evangelical.” That definition has lost meaning over time, but I hold to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of Scripture, etc.

I can’t change being white. I won’t change my commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But what I can change is the way I associate the gospel with the world around me. I can change my orientation of how I listen to the Spirit and allow myself to be challenged by believers all around me who hold to the gospel of Jesus Christ just like, yet don’t get a seat at the table in the same way I do because of the color of their skin.

It continually baffles me how the Church struggles to make a stand on racism. We just can’t get it together as white evangelicals and it is hurting our brothers and sisters who are people of color. 

The reason people struggle to distinguish between evangelicalism and white evangelicalism is because evangelicalism was historically and consistently shaped by whiteness. — Raymond Chang

Please listen to the message by Robert Morris. Please listen to the podcast on Quick to Listen. Please read the letter to John Piper.

What will finally move us? What will finally shake us?

I am not giving one minute to something just in our culture, like “Black Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter.” I am crying out for THE CHURCH to understand what is happening to our brothers and sisters! 

We’ve missed a lot of “moments” on the issue of racism. It baffles me. I’m tired of missing these moments. I’m weary of our ignorance.

God, help us.


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