We still aren’t talking

Once we get a news cycle out of the way, we somehow make it okay to move away from the difficult conversations. Throw in the wackiest election cycle in… well… forever, and it’s easy to forget the underlying difficulties we still don’t deal with in our culture. It’s only been two months since I wasContinue reading “We still aren’t talking”

When the large needs to learn from the small

In the church context, that’s another conversation. And, let’s be honest, probably one that won’t be had in the near future. But there IS a context it SHOULD happen… and SOON. There are two situations linked in a way I think it’s time to say, “The large could learn from the small.” One article postedContinue reading “When the large needs to learn from the small”

The paralysis of politics has made the Church pathetic instead of PROPHETIC

Please do yourself a favor and listen to a repeat of this live stream. I couldn’t fast forward through it, so it was necessary to listen carefully all the way through as evangelical/conservative leaders talked about race, racism, and justice. The very first comments from a conservative black pastor caught me. He asked someone whoContinue reading “The paralysis of politics has made the Church pathetic instead of PROPHETIC”

Let’s Get This Done

From my message today: Race divided the Pentecostal church. From the beginning. What was powerful at Azusa Street was ripped away by the racism of America. The Assemblies of God became white. Church of God in Christ became black. The A/G had policies in place through the 1960s and even the 1970s in some places that wouldContinue reading “Let’s Get This Done”