No More Silence — Black Lives DO Matter

The past couple of weeks have been a blur for me in personal ways, but I am so thankful for leaders in our church who keep things moving forward. One of those areas where we are challenged is the issue of race. The Philando Castile case has heightened awareness in our city and state. 

This past week marked the anniversary of the shooting of Philando Castile. The trial of the police officer accused of manslaughter has wrapped up and the verdict was not guilty.

This does not end the issue. There are matters still to discuss. We are having a significant conversation this week at Community Grounds in Columbia Heights. Terrence Talley, a high school motivational speaker and youth outreach worker, will be leading the discussion. Terrence is an incredible speaker, but also unafraid to press on issues of race as he thinks about what events like this mean in his life as an African American man.

The discussion is on Tuesday, July 11. 6-8 pm. Community Grounds is at 560 40th Ave NE in Columbia Heights. If you are in the Cities, please join us!


Terrence Lee Talley


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