Book Review — God-Soaked Life: Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality

The book begins with: “Imagine the day after your death.”

You have my attention.

What is more powerful is after a beautiful description of what could be as we enter heaven comes this thought: “Imagine that this is not the day after your death. Instead, it is today.”

What God dreams for us in our “now” is what we only think of after we die. Chris Webb’s powerful invitation is for us to think about what is now as powerfully as we can imagine what “eternal life” is like.

Webb builds this book for discussion. Each section is small bite-sized chapters full of rich thought followed by a section of study and discussion.

The goal for Webb is to understand what God has for us, as believers, now. It is to understand the Church is not an institution or some political movement. It is a community. And that community is powerful.

Our deepest need may be to understand the thorough calling of the Kingdom of God. Repentance isn’t about changing our minds. It is to change our outlook on life. It is to change our perspective on the world that reshapes us from the heart outward. No part of our life is unchanged. 

We need a life of repentance.

Part of that new worldview is to understand that the basis of the kingdom of God is truly love. God is love. He creates a community of love. In our combative culture today, it is hard to see the transforming work of love that is possible.

Webb works his way deep into the human soul and holds out the possibility of incredible change. It comes in the deepest part of our core and works its way out. Deep truth within is the road to a beautiful community.

Soak in this book. Get aggravated by this book. Read this book. Don’t be in a hurry. Allow the questions to soak in and work out tough answers. Read it with a friend. Read it with a group. Watch transformation happen in a beautiful way.

IVP sent me a courtesy copy for review. I am under no obligation to give this book a positive review.


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